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Naples Physical Therapy Inc.

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For assistance with insurance and scheduling, please call:

Susan Johnson
Office Manager

Irma Perez
Patient Coordinator

Phone: 239-263-7399
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Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00am to 5:00pm

Mark A. Johnson PT

Our Approach... Our health is our most important asset. I was trained decades ago to treat each patient as though they were my own child, or my own mother. This office maintains that approach today with each and every patient we see. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated and an individualized treatment program is developed, to meet your needs and to help you achieve your goals with a level of care that makes you part of the family.

Your Physical Therapist... Once you are evaluated by your therapist and you begin treatment in our office, you will see your Physical Therapist each and every time you come in for care. No more having to explain to your therapist of today, what your last therapist was doing with you last week. One patient-One Therapist – That's been our motto for 30 years here in Naples.

Our Office... We know resuming a normal, healthy, painfree lifestyle is your reason for seeing us. One of our office's main goals is to bring you in for evaluation of your problem within 24 hours of you first contacting us for an appointment. The sooner you get started in therapy, the sooner you can get back to your active lifestyle!

We know your time is important to you and we strive to meet with every patient at their scheduled appointment time. We strive to be as time efficient and as understanding with each patient as we possibly can. We offer flexible appointment hours to meet patient needs as they arise. For instance, even though our normal office hours are listed as 8 am - 5 pm during the week, we have the flexibility to open early or stay late to accommodate our patients' busy schedules. During the peak winter months, we often have weekend hours available also when needed.

We strive to participate in as many health insurance plans and contracts as possible. We will gladly work with patients individually to set up affordable payment plans, if needed also. We are a certified Medicare Provider. We also accept Worker's Compensation cases and Auto Insurance cases. We are long time members of the Community Health Partners Network here in Naples. We participate in the Healthy Kids insurance program, too.

Your Privacy... This office conforms to all HIPAA rules and guidelines to effectively guard your sensitive healthcare information. In addition to safeguarding your medical records, you are seen and treated by your therapist in your own private patient room, not just behind a drawn curtain. Here you can feel free to discuss your healthcare issues, whatever they may be, with your therapist in private.

Your Choice... We recognize that you have many choices in healthcare today. They can be quite confusing. Our office has been centrally located in the same building in the downtown Naples area for 25 years and serves patients from Ft. Myers to Everglades City and all points in between. We are Naples longest running, independently owned and operated private practice. We count other local therapists and many of Naples’ finest Physicians among our patients. There is a reason for that. They want the best, most personalized and experienced care they can get. You should, too.